iPhone iPad can not access internet via SonicPoint with Apple devices

Apple devices can’t access internet via SonicPoint

AUG 2011

If you have an iPhone or an iPad that cannot access the internet through a SonicPointNDR you came to the right place. I had a SonicPointN and everything worked fine for all of our devices.


I then upgraded to a SonicPointNDR and only the iPhone couldn’t access the internet. No matter what DNS settings or firewall rules I tried.


The trick is to disable Aggregation on the Radio settings. As soon as I did this and pushed the changes to my SonicPoints the iPhone was able to get online.


Here are the details from SonicWall on the known issue:








Description of the problem:


iPad having compatibility issues with SonicPoint - N and internal radio impacting page redirect failures to internal Wireless Guest Access and External LHM




Disable Frame Aggregation.

For SonicPoint N , go to SonicPoint->SonicPoints , edit SonicPoint N provisioning profile that is being used and under "802.11n Radio" tab, disable the check box "Enable Aggregation"

For internal Radio models, go to Wireless->Settings and disable the check box "Enable Aggregation"

iPad has an interoperability issue with 802.11n Frame Aggregation setting on SonicPoint-N. Without aggregation enabled in 802.11 n/g/b mixed mode, the iPad always sends back TCP ACK for TCP SYN-ACK and thereafter receives HTTP redirection promptly.

With aggregation enabled in 802.11 n/g/b mixed mode, the iPad can get DHCP offer from SonicWALL-SonicPoint, but seem having problem with the unicasting packet coming from the SonicPoint. As a result, iPad will not ACK the TCP SYN-ACK from SonicWALL to cause redirection page failure.


Since iPad does not have the 802.11n high throughput capability anyway, the aggregation should be turned off in 802.11 n/g/b mixed to prevent this kind of interoperability issue. In pure 802.11 g/b mode (without n)  of SonicPoint-N, this issue will not happen at all.


Apple also acknowledged that iPad and Mac Computers do not support 40Mhz Wide channel in 2.4 Ghz

For additonal information, please refer : http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3237


For DHCP lease related issues for iPad, please refer to the following: http://www.net.princeton.edu/announcements/ipad-iphoneos32-stops-renewing-lease-keeps-using-IP-address.html